Visualisation Services

New Visual Solutions specialises in the use of industry standard 3D modelling and animation software to produce high quality photomontages, design visualisations, animations and interactive 3D models. Particular skills include modelling infrastructure, industrial, energy, minerals and landscape projects, showing how these proposed developments would appear in the landscape and preparing visualisation outputs for assessment purposes.

Planning Graphics and Concept Visualisation

Massing studies showing form, scale, access, screening, shadow analysis

Phasing models for quarry development

Wind farm layout analysis


Viewpoint photography and reference point survey

Modelling of proposals from CAD or windfarm layout data

Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) of proposals within the landscape

Design Visualisation

Detailed modelling of proposals within contextual environments

Accurate 3D modelling of infrastructure and hard and soft design elements from CAD

Options for colours, textures and planting (height/species/winter/summer)

Interactive 3D Models

Immersive and interactive 3D planning and design models progressing to presentation models for public consultation

Aerial / OS map / ZTV / constraint maps draped over 3D groundmodel

Move along the surface in real-time and explore views from any point

Preset viewpoint locations and pre-defined routes

Animated turbines and layout options for windfarms

Modelled buildings, roads, trees (summer and winter), pylons and other features

Detailed texture modelling of community focal areas helps navigation through the model

Animation and Multi-Media Presentations

Walkthrough, drivethrough or flyover proposals

Route analysis showing proposals whilst moving through the landscape

Animated photomontages showing design alternatives or turbines rotating, for example

Sequential animated photomontages showing diurnal changes (shadow analysis) and the effect of screening

Phasing sequences for quarry development

Animation presentations for distribution on computer, DVD or Web